Yamaha U3 or U1 Piano Rental / Rent / Hire Scheme - £75 per month

Note: U3 rental currently unavailable but you may rent a Yamaha U1 piano instead

Here’s how it works

  • Choose a piano from our stocklist
  • Place your order (make a note on the form that you want to rent not buy)
  • We will deliver the piano within 7-10 days

Monthly Prices

£80 – Yamaha U3 1975-1979
£90 – Yamaha U3 1980-1984
£100 – Yamaha U3 1985-1989
(not available for white pianos sorry)

March 2017 Update:
Our Yamaha U3 pianos are currently not available to rent. For Yamaha U1 prices (they are cheaper) please see our rent a Yamaha U1 piano page

Minimum Term

There is no minimum term to rent a Yamaha U1 piano but for a Yamaha U3 you must pay for 12 months rent up front with the first payment due prior to delivery.

Delivery Charges

Nationwide – £100 each way. £200 payable up front
Remote areas or stair jobs – Please ask for a price
If you buy the piano you will receive a refund of £100 because you will no longer need to pay for the return delivery.

Total to pay up front

The figures below are based on a 1975-1979 Yamaha U1
£900 – 12 Months rent
£200 – Return nationwide delivery
£50 – 1st tuning fee
£1150 – Total amount to pay up front

Add £24 for a 1980-1984 U1
Add £60 for a 1985-1989 U1
Add £60 for a 1975-1979 U3
Add £180 for a 1980-1984 U3
Add £300 for a 1985-1989 U3

Buy later and get your Rent knocked off the purchase price

If you decide to buy the piano at any point within 12 months of delivery you can have every penny of your rental payments knocked off the purchase price of the piano. You are welcome to continue renting the piano beyond the 12 month point (in blocks of 6 months with payment due up front) but if you decide to buy it later you can only apply your first 12 months rent against the purchase price.

Tuning and maintenance

Your first tuning (6 weeks after delivery) is charged at £50. After that, you are required to have the piano tuned at least once every 12 months. It is recommended that you have the piano tuned every 6 months but I’m happy for you to tune it every 12 months if you prefer.


If any faults develop with the piano I will arrange for it to be fixed at my expense. You won’t pay a penny and the piano will stay in your home whilst the problem is addressed. Problems are very few and far between with the Yamaha U3 and U1 as they are built to a very high standard and are therefore very very reliable.