Eavestaff Minipiano / Pianette Upright Piano For Sale

Update: This piano has now been sold and I am only stocking Yamaha pianos these days with prices starting at around £2500. Sorry about that

Click here to see photos of this piano

Mark’s summary of this instrument

“The Eavestaff Minipiano has to be one of my favourite cheap upright pianos. The action and the sound quality are really very impressive. It stands above many other, larger upright pianos that should in theory be better and is suitable for playing up to about grade 7 or 8. They also have a very distinct cabinet design”

Please click below to hear an audio sample. There are 2 pieces. One by me and then another by Adrian the local Jazz pianist who wandered in off the street just as I was making the recording. What a treat!

I have actually sold the piano shown in the photographs but I get this model of piano quite regularly so please do sign up to my STOCK UPDATES feature so that you will be the first to know when I get another one in stock. The cabinet design is not to everyone’s liking but I’ve found that it grows on you in no time and the sound quality wins you over in the end. Highly recommend for people with not too much space or for people on a tight budget.

Here are 2 of the Eavestaff MiniPiano photo galleries showing the most recent 2 that I’ve had in stock:
Eavestaff MiniPiano gallery 1
Eavestaff MiniPiano gallery 2


Model Eavestaff Minipiano Upright Piano
Dimensions 140cm (w), 52.5cm (d), 100cm (h)
Colour brown (mahogany?)
Keys 85 Keys
Year ~1960s?
Serial tbc
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