Kawai KU-20S Upright Piano For Sale

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Mark’s summary of this instrument

“A proper, top quality, Japanese (not Indonesian) Kawai piano with the typical high quality tone and good, firm action”

Kawai are well respected and considered to be on-a-par with Yamaha in terms of build quality and tonal quality. It comes down to personal preference really but this Kawai is definitel worth a look during your piano shopping. I find that this Kawai has a typically less-bright sound of Kawai and a more firm action than you’d expect to find on a Yamaha. This can help build up finger strength but could be frustrating for children to play.

The cabinet is in gorgeous condition, it looks like a brand new piano. Very impressive indeed.

The boring details are below if you need them.


Model Kawai KU-20S Upright Piano
Dimensions xcm (w), xcm (h), xcm (d)
Colour Glossy Black
Keys 88 (full size)
Year 1997
Serial 2305894
Photos Click here to see photos of this piano

Price: £Sold