Bechstein Model A - White Grand Piano

Bechstein A Grand Piano

  • Bechstein Model A White Grand Piano
  • “Queen Ann” style legs. Very fancy!
  • Matching style music desk and lyre
  • Needs full restoration of physical and musical aspects.

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Model Bechstein Model A
Length ~6ft 2in
Colour White Polyester
Keys 85 (full size) ivory keys
Year ~1923
Serial 121151


This Bechstein Grand Piano is in full working condition but in need of fairly extensive restoration. All the notes work and the piano is playable but the action is not as responsive as it should be and the tone is not as lively as it should be. Therefore I think that it needs restoration – including new strings, maybe new hammers and new felts all round. If you need an idea of the costs of restoration you should perhaps look in your local Yellow Pages book under piano dealers and find someone who carries out restorations and then maybe tell them to view this page so that they know what the piano is like.

As you can see from the photos, the piano is currently in white polyester. I have no idea if this is the original factory finish or if someone has applies this white finish at some point in the piano’s 80 year existence. I am tempted to suggest that it was not original white for 2 reasons: (1) The condition of the finish is quite bad, with bits flaking off here and there and (2) There is no Bechstein logo on the fallboard (the lids that covers the keys) which suggest that it was possibly painted over with this new finish and then never replaced. I wouldn’t have thought that the Bechstein factory would do either of these 2 things so I’m guessing that the finish is not original.

But the truth is, I don’t know when the white finish was applied or who by. Either way it doesn’t really matter because it needs stripping off and reapplying – in whatever colour/veneer you so desire.

The leg style is apparently known as “Queen Ann” style and is not something I have ever come across before on a Bechstein so obviously they are very rare and I think they look great. The lyre and music stand are of a matching style. Please see the selection of photos below for further details.