Kawai KG-1C Baby Grand Piano

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Mark’s summary of this instrument

“It is a tragedy (well, not literally of course) that many people have not heard of Kawai pianos. They get advice from their piano teacher who often just says “get a Yamaha”. To be fair Yamaha pianos are great pianos and are usually priced nicely too. But spare a thought for the poor Kawais sat in the corner waiting to brighten up your day. Just sit and play one of their Japanese models and you will hopefully realise that they match all of the positive aspects of a Yamaha but with an extra few positive features on top. They have the same energetic, lively, strong tone as a well-maintained Yamaha but they don’t have that same bright tone which some people find off-putting. Instead they tend to have a more mellow, forgiving tone that some people prefer. In fact, Kawai’s are often described as the “Japanese Steinway” and indeed they do actually manufacture Steinway’s “Boston” line of pianos. So they must be good right? Right! This particular piano has only had 1 owner since new.

This one won’t last long so if you think you might be interested, please get in touch below to make an appointment to view it. ”


Model Kawai KG-1C Baby Grand Piano
Dimensions Length: 5ft 1in / 155cm
Colour mahogany/rosewood?
Keys Full Size keyboard
Year 1981
Serial 1166969
Photos Click here to see photos of this piano

Price: £Sold


I will be adding photos and further comments fairly soon so in the meantime feel free to ask any questions below or get in touch to arrange a viewing.