Yamaha G1 Baby Grand Piano for sale

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Mark’s summary of this instrument

This Yamaha G1 was made in 1991 and has surpassed my expectations and is definitely worth a look if you want a pristine Yamaha grand piano. It is priced around £1000 lower than other shops, is about 15 years younger than most other Yamaha grands on the market and the price includes delivery, matching adjustable stool, 5 year guarantee and the all-important 1st tuning in your home.

This piano has just been sold. Please email me below if you are looking for something similar.

Click the button below to listen to me playing “Andaluzia” by Granados on this Yamaha G1.

This piano has proven to be a very popular piano in my showroom. Customers are drawn to the piano initially because of its stunning looks (they always presume it is brand new) and then when they play it, they are blown away. It truly is a wonderful piano that will be a worthy servant to any pianist, whether a young student or an old master. I’m sorry to use such emotive language, but on this occasion I just had to, the quality of the piano demands that I give it an enthusiastic write up. And I think you should definitely consider visiting it. Bring your piano teacher, bring your piano tuner, bring the family. Bring anyone who you think can help you decide if its as good as I say.


Model Yamaha G1 Baby Grand Piano
Dimensions Length: 5ft 3in
Colour High Gloss Black (polyester)
Keys 88
Pedals 3
Year 1991
Serial ~4,900,000
Photos Click here to see photos of this piano

Price: £Sold