Yamaha U3 - Burl Solomons

Dear Mark,
We are very pleased with the piano, but I have a story to tell you that you may well want to put on your website. [An unspecific acquaintance of mine] was so impressed with the Yamaha U3 we bought from you that he decided to buy one the same. Of course, I recommended him to you, but he always has an eye for a bargain, and searched high and low for one on Ebay. He finally found the one he was looking for at another dealer, and yes, it was a couple of hundred pounds cheaper, a fact that he made much of a point over. After it had settled down, he called a tuner out to get it right. The tuner told him it needed a complete overhaul, new felts etc, quite a few new strings, and that it was basically clapped out. Having seen it for the first time yesterday, I can report that the keys have irregular spacing between them, it is covered with scratches, and it sounds terrible, even after tuning. The action feels nothing like our beautiful instrument, indeed it feels more like the tired old 1960s Bentley piano we got rid of last year. Apparently it will cost him over £500.00 to get this piano right. Including the cost of the first tuning he had to pay for, we are over £300.00 better off, even though the initial cost of the piano we bough from you was higher. Moral of the story – you get what you pay for – go to Mark Goodwin and get a decent piano in the first place.
Burl Solomons