Upright Piano Stocklist

Upright Pianos

A Cheap Piano For Sale - from £200 »

If you have less than £1000 to spend please click the piano image to the left. I often have a few pianos in stock in the low hundreds price range.


Cheap Digital Piano for sale - Price £480 »

A very attractive, high quality, “no nonsense” digital piano. Nice simple design. Full size keyboard. Have a look :)


Cheaper Yamaha pianos & Other models »

I sometimes have a selection of cheaper, unreconditioned Yamaha U3 and U1 pianos for sale. Click here to view these pianos


Gebauhr Upright Piano For Sale »

Terrible piano. If you ever wonder why cheap new pianos are so cheap, click the photo and read about this piano.

Click below to hear my playing this piano


Kawai KU-20S Upright Piano For Sale »

Made in 1997. This piano has a typical Kawai tone and action. A proper Japanese piano to be relied on.


Kemble Tiny Upright Piano For Sale »

The smallest piano I’ve ever had in stock. Just 101cm wide!


Legnica Upright Piano For Sale »

Good quality tone & touch. Suitable for up to grade 7 to 8.


Used Yamaha U1 Pianos for sale - £3490 »

See Video & Audio clips along with my current stock of Yamaha U1s. The U1 is the younger cousin of the U3. It often has a brighter tone than the U3 and is a pro grade piano capable of taking any ambitious pupil all the way to grade 8 (and beyond!)


Used Yamaha U3 Pianos for sale - Price £3590 »

A properly reconditioned U3 offers the best combination of quality and value out of all new & used pianos available today. It is better than most baby grand pianos. Click to see my current stock and watch video & audio clips.


White Yamaha Pianos For Sale (upright & baby grand pianos) »

Top quality White Pianos available. Delivery is easy to anywhere in the UK.

Click below to listen to me playing the white Eavestaff


White Yamaha U1 Upright Piano »

I have white Yamaha pianos (U1 and U3) for sale. If I have none in stock I can get them to order. Click for hi-resolution photos.


Yamaha B1, B2, B3 Piano unofficial info »

Unofficial advice and information about the Yamaha B1, B2 and B3 upright pianos.