Yamaha U3 Piano from £3990

A quick sales-pitch if I may? View Our Stocklist (usually 50+ Yamaha pianos in stock), read our free Buyer's Guide, enjoy a 30 Day Test-Drive of any Yamaha Piano in your home. Finally you might consider renting a U1 for £99 p/m. Thanks :)

Please click this video to see concert pianist David Daniels playing on our 1970s & 1980s Yamaha U3 and Yamaha U1 pianos. This is a great way for you to figure out what model, age and tone to go for. There is a brief introduction by Mark.

Visit our StockList to see what Yamaha U3 pianos we currently have available.

And here is a little guided tour of our Manchester showroom. You can clearly tell that I’m not a natural public speaker in this one (sorry!)

Note: Since I made the above video my wife Julie has jumped in at the deep end to help with running the business.

Here is another video which shows the difference between bright, medium and mellow toned pianos. Most people find this video quite useful

Here I am wandering around our Manchester showroom playing various pianos to show you the type of pianos that we keep in stock. This showroom has since been expanded so that it holds an extra 6 or 8 pianos.

Here is a video showing me, my Dad and Colin the local farmer unloading another 15 Yamaha U3 and U1 pianos as they arrive safely from Japan.

Finally (for now) here is a video showing my late & great Uncle Ronnie heating up one of my U3s about 10 years ago.

And here is some general blurb that you might be interested to read.

A properly reconditioned Yamaha U3 piano represents the best combination of value and quality above any other piano model that I’ve ever played. That is my opinion based on 27 years of piano playing and 12 years in the piano trade.

If you want to know how to spot a properly reconditioned U3 piano from a poor quality U3 piano then I recommend that you read my free Yamaha U3 crash course.

My “Premium Grade” reconditioned Yamaha U3 pianos are restored back to their original, pristine condition (or as close as you can reasonably expect to get anyway). This is a massive saving against a brand new U3.

(Please visit our stocklist to see what we have available at the moment.)

There are lots of good reasons why Yamaha U3 pianos are so popular and come so highly recommended by piano teachers. The Yamaha U3 is probably one of the best all-round pianos for beginners, intermediates and professionals alike. It has a rich, resonant tone, balanced timbre, and a light, responsive feel that is a delight to play.

Another great advantage of the Yamaha U3 is its size – not many of us have room to accommodate a grand piano, or even a baby grand, in the front room. The Yamaha U3 upright piano however is approximately 150cm wide, and only 66cm deep, which makes it ideal for playing in your home.

Yamaha U3 Offer

Here’s why I’m different from every other piano dealer…

No quibbles moneyback guarantee (see FAQ page)

Free nationwide home delivery

Free matching adjustable piano stool

£25 off any Yamaha U3 just for reading my Free Yamaha U3 crash course.

FREE first home tuning of your Yamaha U3 piano (terms apply)

5 year guarantee (parts & labour of course)

Student discount! (with NUS card)

Of course all my Yamaha U3 upright pianos also have:

  • expertly stripped & repolished cabinets
  • a full set of brand new loop cords
  • the brasswork is returned to its original, beautiful condition
  • the hammers are expertly voiced
  • and the action is properly regulated

Yamaha U3 PianoYamaha U3 KeysYamaha U3 HammersYamaha U3 Lettering


Uncle Ronnie plays the Yamaha U3

Of course if you want to hear how a Yamaha U3 piano sounds like, here’s a video of my Uncle Ronnie playing a medley of popular melodies on one of my previous Yamaha U3 upright pianos. The audio was recorded using the build-in camcorder mic so it isn’t great, sorry.

Yamaha U3 Colours & Finishes

The most commonly available colour available on the 2nd hand market is black gloss. A non-black 2nd hand Yamaha U3 is a very rare thing indeed – Feel free to get in touch if you’d like us to try and find one for you.

You can pick up a brand new Yamaha U3 for £9000+ but if you choose a 2nd hand Yamaha U3 wisely you can get a piano that is every bit as good as a brand new one for less than half that price.

Yamaha U3 Loop Cords

Before any of our pianos leave for your home, we make sure all 88 loop cords have been replaced with brand new ones. They’re responsible for producing the wonderfully responsive and light action of the Yamaha U3 keys, and when you play your new piano for the first time we really want you to get the best out of it.

Yamaha U3 dimensions*

Height 52in / 130.5cm
Width 60.5in / 153.5cm
Depth 25.5in / 65cm
From floor to keyboard 24.5in / 62.2cm

*accurate to the best of our knowledge.
For exact dimensions please contact us.