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Any Yamaha Piano Can Be Converted To Silent

Did you know you can take any existing, standard acoustic Yamaha upright piano and have it converted to an acoustic/silent hybrid piano? The cost is less than you might think and the results are impressive. Click Here for full details

What Are The Differences Between The Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3?

The U3 has longer strings, a larger soundboard and a larger action mechanism, all of which result in a better quality sound and a better touch. Read more.

What is Better, a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano or Yamaha U3 Upright Piano?

Did you know that a good quality upright piano has longer strings and a larger soundboard than many baby grand pianos? It's true! Grands are not necessarily better than uprights. Read more.

Our most popular pianos

  • Yamaha U3

  • Yamaha U1

Yamaha U3
This is our most popular model. It has longer strings than most baby grand pianos so produces a very rich sound. We think it offers the best combination of high quality and sensible price.
More Yamaha U3 info here

Yamaha U1
10cm shorter than the Yamaha U3 but still very high quality and a popular choice for piano teachers. Perfect if you don't have space for a Yamaha U3.
More Yamaha U1 info here

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Trial a Yamaha Piano For 30 Days in Your Home

Nobody else is offering this. You may trial any of our Yamaha upright pianos in your home for 30 days before deciding whether to keep it or not. Read more.

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We typically have 50+ Yamaha pianos on our Yamaha Piano Stocklist.

Are Yamaha Pianos Too Bright?

Yamaha do have the reputation of making bright pianos and whilst they are brighter than the old, European pianos if you choose the right model you can easily find a rich, warm sound. Read our Buyer's guide for help choosing the right model.

Do Imported Yamaha Pianos Have Humidity Issues?

In short, no! We've stocked hundreds of imported Yamaha pianos over the years and we only ever have very happy customers. Please read our full article about humidity issues with grey market pianos.

What is the Difference Between the Yamaha U3H, U3M, U3A etc?

Very little! These pianos all come from the same factory and are built to the same high standards. The only difference is the age. U3H is from the 1970s, U3M is the early 1980s, U3A is from the mid-80s. Read more.

What are the Yamaha U30BL, U30A, YUX models for?

These models are upgraded and experimental models released for sale only in Japan, not the UK. They are built to slightly higher standards, are harder to find and are therefore slightly more expensive. Excellent pianos! Read more.

Super Special Piano Rental Offer

  • Fully Reconditioned Yamaha U1 Upright Piano
  • £75 Per Month
  • No Mininum Term (most shops require at least 6 months rent up front)
  • You may buy the piano later and use the rent paid against the purchase price
  • Click Here for full details

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Yamaha Piano List of Serial Numbers

You can find out when and where your piano was made using the serial number. We've made a handy chart to help you find out that information. Read more.

Where are Yamaha Pianos Made?

Yamaha used to make all of their pianos in Japan. These days they are made all over the world. The best pianos still come from Japan. To find our which models are made in which countries please download our buyer's guide.

What is the Difference Between Yamaha Pianos made in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s (and beyond)?

Theh 1970s can be mellower, the 80s a little brighter, the 1990s and beyond can be louder. Read more.