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Our most popular models of Yamaha pianos

  • Yamaha U3

  • Yamaha U1

  • White Yamaha U3

  • White Yamaha U1

Yamaha U3 - from £3290
Our most popular model, the Yamaha U3, has longer strings than a baby grand piano which means it has a good, rich sound. We think it offers the best combination of top quality and reasonable price.
Read our Yamaha U3 info here

Yamaha U1 - from £2690
The Yamaha U1 is 10cm shorter than the Yamaha U3 but it is still a top quality piano and is popular with piano teachers. Consider this model if you don't quite have the space for a Yamaha U3
Read our Yamaha U1 info here

Also available in white
Our Yamaha U3 and U1 pianos are available in white for an extra £300
Read our white Yamaha piano info here.

Do you need more info?
If you'd to dig a little deeper then please download our unofficial Yamaha piano buyer's guide. It contains around 10 pages of my own informal thoughts and advice regarding new, used and reconditioned Yamaha pianos.

7 things to relax about

The following items are included as standard with any Yamaha piano purchase:

  1. Nationwide Groundfloor Delivery
  2. Matching adjustable piano stool
  3. 14 day moneyback guarantee
  4. Pay on delivery
  5. Free 1st tuning in your home
  6. 5 year guarantee
  7. Key to fit the lock
  8. Free removal of your old/existing piano

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“It was a pleasure to deal with Mark and his team. His professional and personal attention was key in buying my piano from him. Great service that doesn’t disappoint.”

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Read our unofficial Yamaha piano buyer's guide PDF

10 pages of useful info designed to help you avoid making an expensive mistake.

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If the piano and/or our service does not exceed your expectations simply ask us to return the piano for a full refund. We will give you £25 extra to apologise for the inconvenience (Read more).

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