Issues after delivery

Issues are rare but here are some issues that crop up occasionally.

  • Sticky or slow keys – Click Here
  • Keys getting stuck on the practise felt – adjust the practise pedal
  • Key won’t turn the lock – Spray in some WD40 and keep wiggling the key gently in the hole.
  • Squeaky pedal – Write down this issue and make sure you tell the piano tuner about it when s/he visits
  • Buzzing notes – Sometimes you can hear minor buzzing sounds when playing certain keys or chords. It can sometimes be caused by one of the brass hinges. Other times it can be caused by a loose nut on the middle pedal rod. You can check for the latter by opening the bottom panel and looking for any loose nuts just above the middle pedal.

All pianos need time to settle down after delivery due to the difference in temperature and humidity between our showroom and your home. The days and weeks after delivery are the most common times for the above issues to appear. Please make a list of any issues that you find in the days and weeks after delivery and show the list to the piano tuner when he arrives to do you free 1st tuning. Make sure you assess the piano thoroughly before the tuner leaves so that s/he can make sure everything is up to standard before s/he leaves.

Any questions or concerns? Please drop us a line at and we will be happy to assist.

Many thanks