Our Guarantee Details

My Yamaha U1 and Yamaha U3 pianos come with a 5 year guarantee. This page will hopefully answer any questions you might have about the guarantee

When does the 5 year period begin and end?

The guarantee begins at on the same day that it arrives in your home. It ends 5 years later at midnight at the end of that same date.

What is covered by the guarantee?

My guarantee covers anything mechanical going wrong such as action parts breaking, falling off or stopping working. It also covers any strings snapping or any problems developing with the pedals. These things are all quite unlikely to happen but the guarantee is there anyway to give you peace of mind

Who will handle the work?

In the even of some work being carried out under the guarantee I will contact a piano technician who works in your area and ask him to assess and correct the problem. In many cases, this will be the same technician who took care of your first tuning.

Is the guarantee transferable to future owners?

Sadly not. The guarantee is non-transferable

Will I receive a paper copy of the guarantee?

Yes, the guarantee statement is included in the invoice which you will receive during your purchase

Will my guarantee expire if you go out of business?

Yes. If my piano shop goes out of business then your guarantee will no longer be covered. However, I like my little piano shop and have got no ambitions to be changing my career path any time soon.

Things that are not covered by the guarantee

Cosmetic issues such as imperfections to the cabinet or brasswork are not covered so please make sure you are pleased with the appearance of the piano before making your purchase. If you are buying the piano unseen you are welcome to send a friend to inspect the piano for you or better still, hire a local technician to inspect the piano before purchase. The piano is not guaranteed against any issues that are caused by environmental conditions where the piano is located. Pianos should not really be left in conservatories, garages, sheds, green houses or in direct sunlight or too close to radiators, open fires or on top of underfloor heating. If in doubt, please email me at markgoodwinpianos@gmail.com and I’ll let you know if the piano is OK to be positioned in the spot that you have in mind. The U series Yamaha pianos are very strongly made pianos, they are designed for very long term use and have an incredibly long working life. So even if you leave the piano somewhere less than ideal you should be fine, but I have to put a clause in the wording just to cover myself against that one customer who may decide to leave his piano in the garden shed and demand a refund when it goes out of tune every 2 weeks. So in general, you can relax knowing that I will look after you and your piano in the event of any faults developing. Just don’t leave it in your shed! :)