Free Local & Nationwide Piano Delivery

I can deliver my pianos to the vast majority of places in the UK for free

FREE Nationwide Delivery
Even if you live 300 miles from my nearest showroom the answer is YES I can still deliver the piano to you for FREE. Southampton? No problem! Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Swindon, Cornwall, Carlisle, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, erm, where else, Cardiff, just pretty much anywhere is fine really.

Exceptions to Free Delivery

  • Customer paying with 0% finance will have to pay £170 for delivery. The free delivery option is only for customers who pay in full at the time of purchase.
  • Remote parts of Scotland may incur a charge. The same goes for Ireland and Northern Ireland. If in doubt please ask.
  • Stairjobs incur a charge of £150 for the first flight plus £50 for any subsequent flights. Please note this charge is per flight, not per floor and this rate is set by the 3rd party company we use to deliver our pianos. Stair fees should be paid directly to the movers on the day of delivery in cash, please. Please see our “piano stair jobs”/info/stairjobs page for full details about stair jobs including photos of jobs that are possible and photos of jobs that are not possible.

Delivery Timescale
The general rule is that if you order your piano one week, you will receive delivery of it the following week. My piano movers deliver in & around London every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and they also have a van doing deliveries covering the North of England most days of the week. As soon as I receive your order I ask the movers to contact you to book a delivery slot.

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